Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All about me, all girl!

This is me. Wifey, momma of two divas. (yes some say Im screwed, BUT I created them they will meet their match ;) I love: red heads, my husband, family, friends,taking pictures! short hair ( I rock it), fake nails,  wine, perfume ( I freak if I only have one bottle), shoes (heels, flats whatev, I will take em), purses, big sunglases, big earrings, chocolate give me a choice between candy or candy bar Im taking the candy bar! Running (clears my mind, I can dance and sing while running too, whatever works to enterain my lil beings while momma clears her head) , coffee I love a good flavored coffee! Reading- its like watching a movie to me. I laugh and cry out loud. Music- especially when its a warm day and I can roll all windows down in the Tahoe and me and the girls will be jamming with my mimi me belting it out behind me. I am: outgoing, loud, driven, inspired, and loved :)